Video: Colchester Borough Council film hopes to entice businesses to town

Colchester is open for business.

Colchester is open for business. - Credit: Su Anderson

A video has been created by Colchester Borough Council (CBC) in a bid to encourage businesses to set up or expand in the town.

The film, published on the authority’s YouTube channel, is accompanied by a set of fact sheets showcasing the best of Colchester and case studies of recent success stories.

Adrian Pritchard, chief executive of CBC, said: “Many businesses want to know about the social economic factors when looking at a location for their venture and Colchester has so much to offer with regards to housing, schools, leisure and retail.

“Whilst embracing our heritage we need to move to a more commercial position for our aspiring town and this video is the first step in this important piece of work.

“Colchester is no longer a small market town.”

Anne Turrell, councillor for economic development, added: “We are actively inviting businesses and investors to get in touch with us, to visit the borough and to experience all we have to offer.

“The video is intended to whet their appetite and ensure Colchester is on their radar. We are incredibly proud of our town.”

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Businesses should contact the council’s enterprise team at if they want to be part of the initiative.

To view the film visit the council’s YouTube channel at