Video: Community champions lead the fight against rogue doorstep traders

UNSCRUPULOUS doorstep sellers will be in the spotlight this month as Trading Standards begins a six-month long ‘Scampaign’.

Fraudsters commonly prey on vulnerable people through doorstep sales and Trading Standards are determined to raise awareness of the issue.

The Suffolk-wide crackdown on rogue traders and cold callers was launched earlier this month to expose the range of scams residents come up against.

This month will focus on advice and guidance on doorstep sales with Consumer Champion Rhoda Staley.

She said: “I feel so strongly about playing my part during the Scampaign as I had my own personal experience with a doorstep caller.

“As a result of getting drawn into the scam, I had a traumatic time going through the court to get some of my money back. I would hate this to happen to others, so I’m doing what I can to help.”

Other issues to be focused on include telephone sales, e-crime and ticketing scams.

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Trained and experienced Trading Standards officers and Consumer Champions will provide tips to help protect vulnerable members of the community.

Consumer Champions are volunteers who act as a bridge between Trading Standards and the local community.

She added: “It is so important that we do all we can to educate and empower Suffolk people to identify the early warning signs and feel they have the confidence to say ‘no’ to deceitful doorstep sellers.”

Advice will include not being scared to say no, not agreeing to work on your home on the spot and not being taken in by illegal pressure selling tactics such as refusing to leave and repeatedly calling.

Next month, Trading Standards and Consumer Champions will focus on ticketing scams.

People are often caught out purchasing tickets for gigs or events that have not yet gone on sale or have been sold out for weeks. The tickets either turn out to be fake or do not arrive at all leaving consumers out of pocket and disappointed.

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