Video/Gallery: Nuns’ unholy theft leaves golfers at a loss at Rushmere Golf Club

Golf ball stealing Nuns at Rushmere Golf Club posed by Edmund Croswaite and Matt Stott with golfer J

Golf ball stealing Nuns at Rushmere Golf Club posed by Edmund Croswaite and Matt Stott with golfer John Ellis

Golfers can often be seen praying for a miracle on the fairways.

They seek help from heaven in scoring that elusive hole in one, plea for the perfect pitch from a bunker, and ask for a guiding force to stroke home that simple putt to make par.

Sometimes these forms of divine intervention can be hard to detect, but for two Suffolk golfers it was very black and white.

In fact, it wasn’t even beneficial to them – two nuns emerging from behind a tree, sprinting on to the course, stealing their golf balls and running off.

It was an unholy act of thievery played out at the twelfth hole at Rushmere Golf Club that will live long in the memory of John Ellis.

Bob Tawell, general manager of the club, said the bewildered golfer regaled him with the caper which occured during a round of golf at the course.

Mr Tawell said: “I was out sorting something else out on the course and John told me the story.

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“As he approached the balls the nuns just ran out and took them.

“It obviously took him by surprise. I have to say we’ve not had a problem with nuns before.

“It looked like they were having a picnic under the tress they appeared from and there were empty bottles around.

“We think there must have been alcohol involved in the prank.”

To add more mystery to the bizarre tale there are now conflicting reports about the number and gender of the nuns.

Some reports say one female nun with an unfrocked accomplice were spotted and others that two men had robed up for the stunt.

As the course is on Rushmere Common it is easily accessible by the public, particularly in the area of the 12th.

But although the incident proved inconvenient the devious disciples have been given absolution for their sins.

Mr Tawell added: “It was just funny to see and hear.

“We told John he must have people in high places looking after his balls!”

In a bid to identify those involved, Star reporters Matt Stott and Edmund Crosthwaite staged a cunning reenactment with the help of two nun’s outfits provided by Games and Giggles, based in The Walk in Ipswich’s town centre.