Video/Gallery: Sensational scenes and a selfie shot from a Virgin hot air balloon floating 3,000ft above Suffolk

A small plane kept the Virgin balloon company for part of the trip

A small plane kept the Virgin balloon company for part of the trip - Credit: Archant

Geometrical farmers’ fields, tree canopies and a selfie were all caught on camera when photographer Sarah Lucy Brown flew over the county in a hot air balloon.

EADT and Ipswich Star photographer Sarah Lucy Brown got the opportunity to fly with Virgin on one of

EADT and Ipswich Star photographer Sarah Lucy Brown got the opportunity to fly with Virgin on one of their hot air balloons. - Credit: Archant

The 36-year-old, of Ipswich, described her first-ever hot air balloon ride, taken on a warm, sunny evening last week, as “beautiful and peaceful”.

She said: “It was really amazing. The take-off was quite bizarre because the basket is quite big so you get in really quickly, then you sit down for the take-off and, suddenly, within a few seconds, you are already miles up in the air which is quite an incredible feeling.

“Suddenly you are way up and it is really beautiful and peaceful. You are drifting – just floating.

“I have taken photos from an aeroplane but obviously there is always glass in front of you, so to be literally just hanging over the side of the basket was amazing – going over the tops of the trees everything – it was unreal.

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“It is all like one huge painting because it is amazing how exact all the farmers have made the fields. I was going mad with pictures. It was incredible and peaceful.”

The journey started at The Oaksmere Hotel in Brome, near Eye in Suffolk, and the balloon travelled at around 3,000ft, taking in north Suffolk and parts of Norfolk before it eventually landed in a barley field in Hardingham, Norfolk.

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The planned hour-long trip became a two-hour voyage as the pilot struggled to find somewhere suitable to land, Miss Brown said.

It meant the Virgin Hot Air Balloon travelled around 20 miles during the ride on Thursday.

Miss Brown, who has worked as a photographer for this newspaper for almost seven years, added: “I do feel like I have got a whole new series of photographs for a new exhibition because I have never had that opportunity before to be out that high up with nothing in front of me.

“You were just so free because you are not restricted in any way. My legs were a little bit like jelly at first. You do get vertigo but after a while you get used to it.

“While we were up there, two aeroplanes went past and we had gliders go past which was quite cool.

“When you are up that high and going over the fields, you can see one rabbit running through a field or a bird or a deer and it was so quiet; it was unbelievable.

“And the landing was quite exciting. It was a little bit bumpier than I had anticipated! I think you sometimes gracefully land, but we were lying on our back and you do come in at quite a speed. It was funny!”

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