Video/gallery: Thunderstorms strike Suffolk in sudden blitz of rain and hail

Large amounts of water flooded the Capel St Mary road under the A12 underpass causing a car to get s

Large amounts of water flooded the Capel St Mary road under the A12 underpass causing a car to get stuck on Thursday afternoon. - Credit: Su Anderson

Storms, flash flooding and hailstones have struck Suffolk in a sudden change to the weather.

Light showers and patchy sunshine were the order of the day earlier but around 3.15pm the skies clouded over.

Thunder and lightning quickly followed with drains overflowing in Ipswich and hailstones striking Capel St Mary.

In IP-City Centre’s building in Bath Street, Ipswich there were reports the building’s foyer had started to flood.

The video above shows water pouring in just below the ceiling, although it apparently did not cause too much disruption to people working there.

The extreme weather also affected rail services with lightning strikes causing problems to the overhead power lines around London.

In Wickham Bishops in Essex fire crews were tackling a fire in the loft of a house struck by lightning.

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Crews used one hose reel to tackle the blaze with the incident commander reporting around 5% of the loft was alight.

On the A12 between the junctions for the A120 and Capel St Mary traffic was being forced to slow down because the road was flooded.

And at Capel St Mary itself the underpass became completely flooded and unpassable.

Suffolk police had to advise motorists not to use the road until it had cleared, with the road eventually reopening shortly after 5pm.

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