Video: You've been framed - again

THEY waited 15 years for their home video to be shown on You've Been Framed - and now it has been on again!

THEY waited 15 years for their home video to be shown on You've Been Framed - and now it has been on again!

The Betts family in Ipswich were today chuckling to themselves after having a second chance to see their hilarious clip on the national TV programme.

Julie Betts, of Robin Drive, posted the footage of her son, Josh, smacking his head while riding a battery-powered quad bike in 1993.

But, as revealed in The Evening Star earlier this year, it wasn't until 15 years later that they received a shock letter in May this year telling them the hilarious gaffe would be shown on ITV.

But just a few months later they were informed the clip was being shown again on October 25.

Mrs Betts said: “We waited all that while and they show it twice in a few months. I was surprised they were going to show it again. It was nice to sit and watch it.”

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However, the family were disappointed that they would not be receiving another £250 from ITV.

The video shows Josh when he was six months old colliding with the kitchen table.

Now 15 and a pupil at Chantry High, Josh said of the clip: “I was sitting on my mini quad bike in the kitchen and was busy looking at mum who was filming me.

“When I pulled away I didn't see where I was going and bashed my head on the kitchen table.”

After opening the first letter earlier this year, Mrs Betts said: “We couldn't believe it. We never expected to see the clip on the television after this long and we'd even forgotten we had a copy of the video in the loft.

“It happened in our old house in Myrtle Road so it's a good job we sent the programme makers a change of address letter.”

An ITV spokesman said at the time: “This is an unusual circumstance, but it just goes to show that if a clip is funny it will always get used.”

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It has been a popular ITV series since it was launched by Jeremy Beadle in 1990.

Lisa Riley and Jonathan Wilkes have introduced the show in the past.

Now Harry Hill provides commentary over the clips.

The pilot show was presented by Richard Madeley - but he never made an actual series.

In 1992 the show attracted 19 million viewers - making it one of the most popular shows of the year.

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