Video: Youngster's call saves mum

“MY mum has collapsed. I cannot get her to speak to me.”

“MY mum has collapsed. I cannot get her to speak to me.”

Vishal Gupta's urgent plea for help on the phone after his mother Monica Meister collapsed unconscious brought her immediate aid - and today the young hero was praised for his quick thinking and good work.

Eleven-year-old Vishal grabbed his mum's phone after she suddenly collapsed and pressed redial, calling the nursery where he goes before and after school.

There he told Susan Spalding what had happened to his mum, and she told co-owner Penny Conway, who immediately went to the family's home to help.

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Mrs Conway called 999 and while she looked after Mrs Meister as they waited for the ambulance, Vishal got his two-year-old brother Zachary dressed and gave him his breakfast.

Then when the paramedics arrived, Vishal told them his mum's date of birth and found her medication for them.

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Mrs Conway, of The Play Pit in Brownlow Road, Felixstowe, said: “He was a little star - a real trooper.

“He did everything right.

“He was really focussed, knew everything he needed to tell the paramedics and was really interested in what they were doing.”

She said when Vishal, a pupil at Colneis Junior School, rang, he said: “My mum has collapsed. I cannot get her to speak to me. I don't know what to do.”

Mrs Meister, of Holland Road, Felixstowe, who is a Bollywood dance teacher, said she had woken with a severe migraine.

“My head was absolutely pounding. I came downstairs and lay on the sofa and was going in and out of consciousness and then I was sick,” said Mrs Meister, who is also asthmatic.

“My husband Phillip was away in Birmingham at a funeral and I was feeling awful. I tried ringing the nursery but I collapsed and the phone fell out of my hand. Vishal grabbed it and pressed redial and called them to get help.

“When they told me later what he had done, I couldn't believe it.

“He was wonderful, amazing - without him I don't know what I would have done.”


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