Videos: Hundreds risking their lives at level crossings

Hundreds of people risked their lives at level crossings in East Anglia last year, Network Rail reported.

A total of 670 pedestrians and drivers have been recorded making foolhardy moves such as jumping the lights or swerving around barriers.

These videos demonstrate the near-fatal incidents that have occurred as a result of people in a rush.

And while most are not fatal, they can be life changing.

In August 2010, one Suffolk motorist was even sentenced to 15 months jailtime for crossing a railway without permission.

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A train and tanker collided at a user-worked crossing in Sewage Works Lane in Little Cornard after the driver failed to ask if he could cross the railway.

No one was was killed in the incident but several people were seriously injured.

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Andrew Munden, Network Rail route director for East Anglia, said the region is a “particular issue” for the company because it has more than 300 user-worked crossings on private land such as farms.

The transport operator is teaming up with the National Farmers’ Union to emphasise to industry workers are putting their lives at risk by misusing level crossings.

Mr Munden said: “Too many motorists continue to break the law by jumping the lights or swerving around barriers at level crossings. Hundreds of pedestrians are also risking their lives just trying to save a few seconds. It’s just not worth it.

He added: “While deaths and injuries are thankfully few, the actions of an impatient or ignorant minority cause great cost, delay and disruption to rail and road users across our region.”

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