Videos: Ipswich Town fans on Roy Keane sacking, Jewell as new boss

IPSWICH: Did Roy Keane deserve to be sacked? What did the supporters think of the Keane regime and do they think Ipswich will avoid relegation?

Reporter Marcus Sherifi took to the streets to see what people really thought - watch the videos for more.

Meanwhile, you’ve been flooding our website with your thoughts on the Keane sacking. Here’s a selection of what we’ve had so far...

- All I can say is thank God he’s gone, but I hope he can sleep at night knowing the awful damage he has done to our great club while he was there!

The worst manager we have ever had and unless we get all the luck in the world it will take the best manager in the world to repair it. Let’s hope we get one.

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- It’s been coming. I supported Roy’s appointment and I supported him until only relatively recently when it became apparent we were going backwards.

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It’s the right decision, but I’m sorry it hasn’t worked out. Thanks Roy for your efforts.


- Now that Keane can no longer be the scapegoat, who will Clegg blame now?


- Roy has left the club with dignity, which is more than can be said for our owner and chief executive, who have reneged on a contract that they were happy to sign.


- Hopefully, this will prove to be a learning curve for all concerned, not least Evans and Clegg. I am sure that Roy Keane will reflect on his time with us and take positives from it that will serve him well in his next job – whatever that may be. I wish him good luck – and success.


- Let us know what you think by posting your thoughts below...

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