Villagers kick up a stink over human sewage heap

They are calling it Mount Manure.

Some are saying it’s causing a Trimley whiff – and the stench certainly takes your breath away and even makes you gag.

This is a huge heap of treated human sewage, which is to be spread on fields later in the year.

But until then, it has been placed at the junction of two popular public footpaths used by the people of Trimley St Mary and visitors to the village’s 200-acre nature reserve on the banks of the River Orwell.

Villagers want to know how long it’s going to stay – and are trying to persuade farmers to dump their dung on less sensitive sites.

Parish councillor Bryan Frost said: “It’s a mountain of manure – it’s got to be 20ft high, and it’s human waste and it ain’t very pleasant.

“A lot of people use the footpaths in that area and it doesn’t give the best impression to the public of our village and countryside.

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“It’s on the way to a nature reserve and it’s also an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – though perhaps it should be renamed an Area of Not Very Outstanding Natural Manure.”

Trimley St Mary Parish Council has written to landowners Trinity College, Cambridge, to protest about the heap in a field on the track leading from Searson’s Farm, just before Christmas Yard Wood.

Tim Collins, a partner in Bidwells, agents for the college, said the manure belonged to the contractor farmer who had an arrangement with Anglian Water to use the material as fertiliser as part of his farming business.

“It is clearly causing some concern for people and from an aesthetic perspective it’s not particularly pleasant to look at or smell,” he said.

“The farmer is entitled to carry out his business in the best way he sees fit and we do not have the right to control at the moment when and where the farmer puts these heaps. It is something we will want to review as we move forward.”