Walk on the easy going sandy paths of Sudbourne

Sudbourne walk, Boxing day, Richard Tyson

Sudbourne walk, Boxing day, Richard Tyson - Credit: Archant

Richard Tyson explores forests and fields, managing to avoid too much mud

Route of the Sudbourne walk

Route of the Sudbourne walk - Credit: Archant

The clay fields in some parts of Suffolk are so muddy at present that I thought it best to head for the sandy paths and tracks of the Sandlings. This week’s walk is on easy sandy soils or grassy farm or forest tracks with one road section.

Start the walk from the bridleway sign beside a forestry sign “21”. Go straight up the track. At the top continue on the level for 150 yards then bear left immediately past a wooden signpost. The footpath is easy to follow through the woods for 10 minutes; go right for 15 yards when a grassy track is reached then turn left. Open ground is now on the right with some houses in the distance. The path continues past pretty cherry woodland. At the road the next path is almost opposite (actually 15 yards to the left).

Go along the field headland as it turns right; ignore the first path to the left continuing past a hollow tree until you reach the end of a tarmac lane. Turn left on the broad forest track; in 500yards the route goes a little left later reaching the road to Tunstall in about 600 yards. Turn right along the road or (preferably) on a parallel track near some high voltage lines.

Another 500-yard stretch brings you to a right turn path into the forest again. Now the route is on the Suffolk Coast and Heath path (blue waymarkers with yellow arrows). You feel deep in the heart of the forest. After four fifths of a mile the blue/yellow lead to a road in front reached by two paths each about 50 yards long. The route continues at another path nearly opposite (all three signs are on an S-bend of the road at GR403544) with the same marks.

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In 50 yards you find turf on one side and pigs on the other! Keep ahead along the side of a belt of trees then straight again where the blue/ yellow route goes left. Pass many more pigs of all sizes then the track exits at a road. Keep straight again but in 200 yards go right on a concrete road pass Boo Bungalow; after a new electric gate for Wood Farm turn right on the now sandy track.

The shallow valley is attractive with a variety of non-coniferous trees. I passed a massive Red Poll bull snoozing in a well-fenced enclosure just before I reached the Sudbourne road. By the way, did you note the absence of old houses and buildings on this walk – the area was used for battle training in World War Two so most buildings were destroyed. The inhabitants were unable to return until after the War.

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Turn left up the road through Sudbourne and take the road signed “Baptist Church” which leads past the entrance to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust Captain’s Wood reserve. Continue until there is a parking space on the right. Turn into this forest track which goes straight ahead to the start.

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