Warning as gang of rogue traders strike

POLICE are investigating after a group of rogue traders targeted a homeowner in Aldeburgh, demanding money for unwanted repairs.

Officers are reminding householders to be vigilant after the frightening incident in Aldeburgh, which happened last Friday.

A Suffolk police spokeswoman said five men in a white van called at the house and told the man, who is in his 80s, that he needed his roof repairing.

Despite the man not wanting the work carried out, the offenders climbed on to the roof and said they had completed some work and then demanded a cheque payment for several hundred pounds. That cheque payment has subsequently been stopped.

Police are asking anyone with information about this incident to call PC 1510 Lawrence on 01986 835300 and are again urging residents to be careful when dealing with any unknown callers.

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The spokeswoman said: “We would like to remind residents to be extremely cautious when dealing with doorstep callers. If you need repairs or maintenance done on your property please call several reputable companies for quotes before agreeing to have work done. Don’t feel pressurised to have work carried out immediately.

“If, as in this case, the men start work despite you not wanting this done, or if you feel you’re being pressurised into agreeing to have work carried out immediately please call police using 999.

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“Always ask for – and check - identification before letting anyone into your home.

If in any doubt, close the door, find a telephone number in the phone book for the company or organisation they claim to work for and call them to ensure the visitor is legitimate.

“Genuine callers will not mind waiting. If you suspect you may have been targeted by distraction burglars or rogue traders please call police immediately using 999 – you may prevent someone else from being conned and help officers catch the offenders.”

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