Warning to card users after cloning gadget found at cash machine

Police have urged people to guard against card fraud after a PIN code skimming device was found attached to a cash machine in Ipswich.

The warning follows the discovery of a cloning device attached to an cash machine in Clapgate Lane on Thursday, June 3.

Detectives have reminded account holders to be extra vigilant when using their cards and when entering their pin number into the machines.

Pc Angelo Tella of the south east Ipswich safer neighbourhood team said: “It may not be immediately apparent to customers that there is anything suspicious about the machine, so we would urge people to be alert and check for any signs that the machine has been tampered with.

“If there is anything suspicious about the machine then customers should either alert the branch immediately or contact police.”

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Ban customers are advised to take extra measures to protect themselves against fraud, such as covering the keypad with their hand when they enter their PIN, and checking their bank accounts regularly to keep track of their funds.

Details about all types of card fraud in the UK can be found at www.cardwatch.org.uk including tips on how to prevent it from happening.

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Anyone who feels they may have been the victim of fraud should contact their banks immediately. If you have concerns that a device is attached to an ATM then contact police on 01473 613500.

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