Washing machine moggy in a spin

A RASCAL cat is back to his mischievous old ways with eight lives intact after getting into a serious spin.

A RASCAL cat is back to his mischievous old ways with eight lives intact after getting into a serious spin.

Firefighters came to Reefa the tomcat's rescue when he got stuck in the washing machine at his home in Downside Close, Ipswich.

The mischievous mog climbed in for a rollercoaster spin cycle as owner Dominic Harding turned his back between emptying the machine and closing the door.

“He was curled up into a ball and because he's black I just didn't see him there.”

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It wasn't until Mr Harding's partner Laura Hamilton heard the kitten's cries of distress that the couple realised their pet had got himself into hot water.

The pair watched helplessly as five month old Reefa began a high speed tumble, but they were able to cut short his death defying stunt before it was too late.

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Miss Hamilton, 21, said: “I could hear him crying and thought 'where on earth is that coming from?'

“I looked everywhere for him but then I heard him scratching and looked down to see him in the washing machine.

“I tried everything to make it stop and eventually turned the power off at the mains.”

Neither Miss Hamilton nor Mr Harding could prize open the washing machine door to set Reefa free and it was left up to firefighters to release him.

Miss Hamilton said: “He was dripping wet and his feet were dangling.

“I held a towel around him but he leapt out, climbed on a cupboard and stared at me as if to say 'I hate you!

“He's fine now and back to being as mischievous as ever.

“He's a pain and will find anywhere to venture. I once found him in the fridge eating our bacon.”

By contrast, the couple's other cat Casey is shy and reserved in nature and hides when confronted by even the slightest commotion.

Miss Hamilton praised the fire service for coming to Reefa's aid, saying: “I'm very, very thankful and I'm just sorry they had to come out and rescue a cat from a washing machine!”

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