Watch out for Super Worm Moon over East Anglia tonight

Matt Byham took this shot of the full supermoon on March 20, 2019. Picture: MATT BYHAM

Matt Byham took this shot of the full supermoon on March 20, 2019. Picture: MATT BYHAM - Credit: Archant

Look out for the stunning Super Worm Moon over Suffolk and Essex tonight and early tomorrow - and send us your moon photos!

The supermoon will be visible tonight, but, if cloudy weather and possible rain spoil your view, you could still have another chance to spot it by getting up early tomorrow.

Suffolk astronomer Neil Norman said: 'The chances of seeing the super moon are slim tonight, but, should we get a cloud break, it rises at 6.20 pm and is located in the constellation of Virgo.'

He added it would be highest in the sky at 12.28am tomorrow, and closest to Earth at 6.31am when it is 357,122km from us.

Neil said: 'It is named the Worm moon because it traditionally symbolises the melting of the snow and thawing of the ground which then brought the worms to the surface. Names were given to full moons by the native American Indians.

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He said this particular supermoon is best viewed with the eyes only, as binoculars and telescopes show little, because the sun is shining directly over the surface.

'The glare is too bright, unless you have moon filters you can attach to telescopes and binoculars.'

READ MORE - Spot planets in the morning skyIt will also be possible for tomorrow's early risers to see planets in the sky. Neil added: 'In the south-eastern sky at around 5.50am you can see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They make a diagonal pattern with Mars top right, Jupiter centre and Saturn bottom left.

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'All are visible to the naked eye, but binoculars pointed towards Jupiter will show the four largest moons - Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.'

David Murton, a member of Darsham Astronomical Society, said of the supermoon: 'It will be about 12% bigger than a usual moon, and about 30% brighter.'

He added that the moon will still be very bright on Tuesday evening, so stargazers will get another opportunity to see it then.

- Send us your photos of the super moon to be included in a gallery. Please include your full name. You can email us here.

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