Waterfront: Attack victim found alleged assailant’s photo on Facebook

Man suffered fractured skull in alleged attack

A MAN who suffered a fractured skull in a late night attack as he walked home along the town’s Waterfront found his alleged attacker’s photograph on Facebook, a court has heard.

The victim had been out for the evening and was walking from Cardinal Park at around 3am with one of his friends when they became aware of a man they did not know shouting abuse at them, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

He continued walking but then heard the sound of something smashing. “The next thing he knew was an impact to his head and a pain in his head and blood running down his face,” Lindsay Cox, prosecuting, said.

As a result of the incident the victim suffered a fractured skull and needed stitches.

Michael Hussey, 22, of Middlesex, has denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent on October 14 last year.

Mr Cox told the court after the alleged attack the victim remembered other young people being around at the time and when he went on a potential witness’s Facebook profile he found a photograph of the person who had allegedly assaulted him.

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The victim printed off some pictures and took them to the police.

Mr Cox said the victim’s friend had allegedly seen a man with a belt wrapped round his hand and use it as a weapon to strike the victim.

The court heard that after his arrest Hussey had two “no comment” interviews with police.

The trial continues.