Cold and damp weather forecast for today

Further wet and windy spells forecast as Storm Barney sweeps across the UK and East Anglia todaya

Cloud and drizzle is forecast for today - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

It's a chilly and cloudy start to the day and there's little prospect of sunshine later on.

The forecast is for light rain, with temperatures not climbing above 9C.

Chris Bell, a forecaster with Weatherquest, said: "Today's forecast is overcast and we are going to see a little bit of light rain and drizzle at times, particularly this afternoon.

"It's a bit of a rubbish day weather-wise. There's not much prospect for sunshine and it will stay cloudy all day.

"There will be a few dry spells this morning, otherwise it's a bit damp and drizzly on and off this afternoon especially."

Mr Bell said currently the temperature isĀ about 5C.

No weather warnings or alerts are in place.