Strong winds for Suffolk this weekend as snow forecast in the UK

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High winds are predicted to hit Suffolk this weekend - Credit: John Kerr

Warm temperatures and high winds of up to 45mph are expected in Suffolk over the weekend as other parts of the country look set for snow. 

Adam Dury, a meteorologist at East Anglian-based forecaster Weatherquest said "It's all looking pretty warm in Suffolk, way too mild to snow."

He said Saturday will be "mostly dry", while he warns we should expect "heavy rainfall on Sunday". 

In addition, he warned of blustery conditions over the weekend, saying that "wind speeds will be around 40-45mph, similar to what we saw at the start of last week."

He continued: "Winds will be a bit lighter on Monday and Tuesday, but will get back up to 40-45mph on Wednesday and Thursday."

This will be paired with warmer temperatures, which Weatherquest predicts could get as high as 14-16C on Wednesday and Thursday.

However, they warn that "although we will have mild air temperatures, the wind chill will make it feel colder."