Cold weather set to continue after region hit by frost and fog

Thursday morning was cold and a bit foggy - so off the Flatford with the camera to hopefully get

Fog and frost in Flatford - Credit:

Wintry showers are forecast for Suffolk later this week after temperatures dipped to minus 5C last night.

Phil Garner, meteorologist at East Anglia-based forecasters Weatherquest, said: "Last night, the county was hit with localised fog, with one or two dense patches about, and a shallow fog remaining in Wattisham where visibility is about 600m."

"In the west of the region temperatures were lowest, with Cavendish reaching minus 4 or 5C."

Looking forward to the rest of the week, Mr Garner said there would be "dry, settled conditions for the bulk of the week, with a cold front coming across tomorrow causing one or two showers on Wednesday and Thursday".

"We're looking at daytime temperatures around average for this time of year at about 5-6C," he said.

He added that there was unlikely to be any snow, but sleet was expect on Thursday.