Weather: Be warned - clear snow from cars or face fine and penalty points

MOTORISTS driving around with snow on the roof of their cars could be slapped with three points and a �60 fine, it has emerged.

Suffolk police said officers are taking action in extreme cases when the build-up of snow is a potential danger to the driver and other motorists.

A spokeswoman for the force said the offence could amount to a driver who is not in a position to have proper control of a vehicle or a driver who is not in a position to have full view.

Both offences can result in three points and a �60.

The spokeswoman said: “We would like to stress that many people are not aware of the hazard that snow on their cars can cause.

“We would therefore encourage all drivers to take the time to clear their cars of snow and any ice, including the roof and bonnet as falling snow on the roads can be dangerous for all road users.

“Driver safety is our primary concern, and taking the time to prepare cars for the conditions we are facing can help in reducing collisions and disruption.

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“Should officers be concerned about the condition of a vehicle being driven on the roads, drivers will be spoken to and appropriate action taken.”