Weather: Forecasters warning of frost and freezing fog - and possibly some more snow

FORECASTERS are warning of frosty days ahead, with a chance of freezing fog and maybe even a few flurries of snow.

MD of Weatherquest Jim Bacon warned that, although the chances of seeing snow in the town are quite low, drivers across the county need to watch out for icy roads and foggy conditions.

He said: “The frost will be quite widespread over the next few nights, with icy roads causing some tricky driving conditions.

“There’s a risk of fog and possibly freezing fog at times.

“We’re in that particular part of the cold snap that if the wind changes direction, you could get snow in Ipswich, but I don’t think there’s much to worry about.”

Mr Bacon, however, said that the icy weather won’t last for long, with conditions due to change again midweek.

“There’s a big change on the way,” he said. “From Thursday night onwards, there will be milder, wet and windy weather.”