Weather warning for snow issued for Suffolk for Sunday – as Essex looks set to miss out

A light dusting of snow in Suffolk.

A light dusting of snow in Suffolk. - Credit: Archant

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for snow for Suffolk for Sunday.

The yellow warning, valid for all day on Sunday, warns of a high likelihood of snow though it may not have a big impact.

Because of cold air temperatures snow is likely to fall even in low-lying areas.

The Met Office said: “Periods of enhanced snowfall are possible within this general flow but details of these are very uncertain at this time. As such this alert is likely to be updated and refined in the coming days to better represent individual features.”

There is a chance of up to 4-5cm of snow in coastal areas over the coming week as a cold front looks set to linger according to local forecasters.

Jim Bacon, forecaster at Weatherquest, said the region would avoid the heavier snow set to hit northern Britain – but East Anglia would see a drop in temperatures.

Today a band of rain, marking the leading edge of a cold front, would sweep across Suffolk and Essex clearing by lunchtime as temperatures begin to fall from morning highs of 9C to closer to 4C.

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Mr Bacon said: “There will be heavy showers and a lot of them in the north, but here they will be much more isolated. You could get the odd one but nothing of consequence and no more than a little dusting.

“However with a clear night and temperatures close to freezing the roads could be slippery.”

Longer term the cold front is expected to stay for at least a week with a pattern of showers set to run down the North Sea coast.

Mr Bacon added: “There is a risk to coastal parts of a number of snow showers and we could see a few centimetres, four or five in places, but over the course of the week.

“Snow showers could be more widespread and potentially heavy, particularly in more northern areas from Norfolk down to perhaps Aldeburgh, and three or four of those could cover the ground.

“There will not be much going on inland, but with temperatures remaining low we could see frozen and icy roads. However I don’t envisage too much disruption.

“The step-change in temperatures will be very noticeable, with strong North winds making it feel bitterly cold.”