Weekend drivers sent on 30mile diversion for road closure near Burstall less than a mile long

Motorists were sent on a diversion nearly 30miles (47.7km) long

Motorists were sent on a diversion nearly 30miles (47.7km) long - Credit: Archant

We all bemoan the diversions which close the highways and byways of Suffolk when roadworks are set up.

Rory Marriott, who was sent on a nearly 30mile diversion

Rory Marriott, who was sent on a nearly 30mile diversion - Credit: Archant

They usually add a few extra miles and minutes to our journeys as we roam the roads less travelled keeping a nervous eye out for the yellow signs telling us where to go next.

But sometimes things get taken to the extreme and diversions end up sending us on such a long alternative route you almost forget where you wanted to go in the first place.

That confusion and disbelief struck motorist Rory Marriott over the weekend when trying to drive from Ipswich to Hintlesham.

Between the A1071’s junctions with The Street and Pigeon’s Lane near Burstall the road was closed between last Friday and yesterday for work to be carried out on a bridge.

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The closure affected a stretch of road just under a mile long and would normally take you a minute to complete.

But the diversion in place took you on a titanic adventure back to Ipswich, along the A14 to Claydon, north to Needham Market and back to Hintlesham via Barking, Naughton, Semer and Hadleigh – a journey around 29.5miles (47.7km) long taking about 51 minutes, according to Suffolk County Council’s roadworks page.

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Mr Marriott, from Hintlesham said: “It almost beggars belief that somebody could come up with that route.

“It’s got to be the most ludicrous route anyone could ever have devised.”

Explaining the reasons for the diversion’s length a spokesman for Suffolk Highways said: “When roadworks require a diversion we need to ensure that the route put in place is suitable for all types of traffic that would normally be able to travel on that road, including heavier vehicles.

“There may be other alternative routes that are suitable for smaller cars, however we need to provide a diversion suitable for all.

“When the works are planned we always endeavour to put up signage to inform road users of the upcoming delays or diversion to help drivers plan their future journeys.”

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