Wenhaston: Missing Miller Redpath’s mother makes heartfelt plea for son’s return

Missing Miller Redpath's mother Anastasia Miller, right, with friends, Tracy Ward, centre, and Diane

Missing Miller Redpath's mother Anastasia Miller, right, with friends, Tracy Ward, centre, and Diane Wells, left. - Credit: Archant

The distraught mother of a missing teenager says there is a “cold, dark place” in her heart which grows darker every day that passes without hearing from her only son.

More than two months after 18-year-old Miller Redpath was last seen at his Wenhaston home near Southwold, his increasingly fearful mother Anastasia Miller has made a heartfelt appeal for her son’s safe return.

“I’m really worried about your safety and wellbeing and I just hope that everything’s okay,” she said.

“If you’re in trouble in anyway, just remember there’s very little that can’t be sorted out with some good will, negotiation and a humble heart.

“You’re certainly not in any trouble with me, I just need you to get in touch.”

The pair had spent the weekend before Miller’s disappearance together at Harlequin Fayre in Norfolk.

On the morning he was last seen, August 13, they had agreed to attend a sunrise service at Southwold beach.

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However the teenager was “grumpy” when she went to wake him and so she went alone. That was the last time she saw him.

The widowed mother-of-one was not immediately concerned about Miller’s absence as she says he had a habit of making unannounced departures. But two days later, with still no sign, she was beginning to worry.

“It seemed so strange and nothing added up,” Mrs Miller said.

“I was growing more and more uneasy about why he hasn’t made contact.

“I realised he hadn’t taken his phone charger, his passport, any money, bank cards or his jacket and thought it was almost as if he intended to come back shortly but that something had gone horribly wrong.”

As the days grew into weeks and then months, Mrs Miller continued trawling the streets of Ipswich and Norwich in the hope of finding her son.

Though she say she was “humbled” by the support offered by Miller’s friends and the homeless community, there has still been no sign of the young sixth form student and now she doubts he is in either town.

“I can’t even describe what it feels like,” she said.

“There’s a cold dark place in my heart that I’ve got to keep pushing back so that I can focus on the hope that he’s alive and we’ll see him again.”

Miller is described as white, around 6ft tall, with brown curly hair, possibly dark coloured facial hair, a tattoo of a Celtic cross inside his left ankle and multiple left ear piercings.

A friend who heard from Miller just before he went missing, told his mum he may have had a Mohican haircut.

Mrs Miller also found an unexplained bus ticket for a journey between Lowestoft and Wenhaston in the house on day of Miller’s disappearance, bearing that date.

Anyone with information is asked to call Halesworth police station on 101.