West Suffolk villagers take action following concerns over speeding

St Edmundsbury Borough Councillor Susan Glossop and Suffolk County Councillor Beccy Hopfensperger wi

St Edmundsbury Borough Councillor Susan Glossop and Suffolk County Councillor Beccy Hopfensperger with representatives of the parish council and local residents with the vehicle activation sign. Picture: ST EDMUNDSBURY BOROUGH COUNCIL - Credit: Archant

West Suffolk villagers concerned about speeding vehicles have taken action by purchasing a new activation sign which tells drivers how fast they are going.

Residents living close to the A1101 in Flempton and Hengrave say they have been concerned by a number of near misses, which they attribute to speeding vehicles.

The issue was raised with Flempton Cum Hengrave Parish Council and the decision was made to buy a vehicle activation sign – which flashes at drivers to notify them of their speed.

The sign has been paid for through funds from the parish council, locality grant funding from St Edmundsbury Borough Council ward member Susan Glossop and Suffolk County councillor for the area Beccy Hopfensperger.

Councillor David Bambury, chair of the parish council, said: “We are very grateful for the funding support from our community as well as both our borough and our county councillor.

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“Lots of residents have raised concerns about speeding traffic through both villages, and the evidence from elsewhere is that these signs can have a positive effect in persuading drivers to slow down.

“Community volunteers will be helping to run the scheme – repositioning the sign at various points along the road and monitoring their effectiveness. It is hoped that the whole community will benefit from the traffic being slowed down.”

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Mrs Glossop said: “As a resident of Flempton, I have witnessed first-hand the issue of speeding in the village, while other people in both villages have also raised their concerns with me. So I am delighted to be able to support this community-led initiative.

“The success of this sign in slowing traffic will be monitored. Residents love where they live in Flempton and Hengrave and this sign should make the community a safer places to live.”

Mrs Hopfensperger said: “The community has asked us to look at these vehicle activation signs as an effective solution to the issue of speeding.

“Residents are concerned that cars, lorries and other traffic are ignoring the existing 30mph signs. This solution is designed to shame drivers by flashing how fast they are driving and has been shown to work elsewhere.

“This puts the power in the community’s hands to trial this sign at different positions and monitor its effectiveness, and so I am pleased to be able to support this initiative.”

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