What Katy Did - dancing in her pants

This week, columnist Katy talks about her attempt to win over Anton Du Beke, of Strictly Come Dancing fame, for a show to be broadcast on BBC One.

What Katy Did - dancing in her pink and black pants.

Dancing fans can tune to BBC1 this evening to see the spectacle that will be Dancing in the Streets, hosted by Bruce Forsythe and Zoe Ball, and featuring professional dancers from the last Strictly Come Dancing series.

The suave and sophisticated Anton Du Beke has choreographed a routine especially for the occasion, which will see six lucky members of the public take part in the one-off TV show.

These people won their places by attending Anton's national workshops and the reason I know this is because I attended the Ipswich heat, held at the Corn Exchange, in the hope I would impress the judges and get to be part of the Trafalgar Square extravaganza.

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And, as I discovered on arrival, one of the professional dancers in the show was to be Andrew Cuerden, who I had just a few weeks ago danced with at Pontins in Pakefield, so I made sure to write this info down on my personal details sheet.

Having been placed in group three, I waited until 2pm before being ushered up into the main hall along with 25 others, where Anton and the programme makers, including the scary woman who had shouted instructions to us earlier as if we were at primary school, were waiting along with the camera crew.

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At first we learned a simple ballroom routine, which we danced with various men because there weren't enough to go around, as is always the case, followed by a slow cha cha cha.

Having gotten through round one, I just about had enough time to dash home, freshen up and go for a change of clothing. I decided that in order to win I had to go all-out to catch Mr Du Beke's attention. Having tried on a variety of tights and hot pants combinations - eliminating most, for making my bum look too big - I eventually settled on black opaque tights - the most flattering kind - teamed with a pair of black and pink frilly pants which I'd picked up at a market in Sydney three years ago and never even worn.

These, I thought, were bound to work and they certainly had the desired effect as Anton's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he spied me, and he even made a comment in front of everyone about how fabulous they were (and I later caught him taking a peek over his shoulder too).

But alas it was not to be. My ballroom and Latin skills are a far cry from what they once were some ten years ago when I had regular lessons, and this, added to a healthy dose of nerves, got the better of me.

Although the eventual winner highly deserved her prize, I have to admit to feeling rather disappointed and began to empathise with all those teen hopefuls who put themselves through the ordeal of programmes like Pop Idol and The X Factor - all that building-up of hopes only to be dashed away so cruelly. But at least, unlike the hard-hearted Simon Cowell, Anton was very kind to all who took part.

However, I may end up on the show, albeit briefly, as the cameras were constantly rolling during the workshops so perhaps my behind, dressed in the little black and pink number, will get me onto the TV anyway. Although they do say the camera adds 10 pounds so I'm not altogether sure I want an enlarged version of my bum shown to the nation! I'll just have to wait and see.

Dancing in the Streets is on BBC One tonight at 6.35pm. If you want to be part of the Big Dance and to set the record for the most number of people dancing at once, go to the Ipswich Corn Exchange today at 12.30pm.

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