Where would you go on holiday, if you could go anywhere?

Mediterranean magic. The main beach at Lloret de Mar, north-east of Barcelona

Mediterranean magic. The main beach at Lloret de Mar, north-east of Barcelona - Credit: Archant

Let’s pretend: Money’s no object and you can go anywhere you fancy. What’s your dream destination?

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia - Credit: Archant

It hasn’t been a bad winter at all, but it’s been wet and it’s dragging on too much for my liking!

Let’s get through the gloomy days by dreaming of lovely summer holidays.

If money was no object, where would you go and what would you do?

Me? It would be tempting to lie on a sun-drenched beach, but I like to be up and doing.

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I’d plump for a repeat of a family holiday in 2013 (still paying for it…) on the east coast of America.

Washington DC. We find ourselves crossing Pennsylvania Avenue (though we had no idea at the time) when the junctions are suddenly blocked off by police. We stand open-mouthed as the Obama presidential motorcade sweeps by…

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Two days later: Climbing through the woods to Blackrock Summit in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. (Anyone old enough to remember Laurel and Hardy singing The Trail of the Lonesome Pine?) On the way down, we see two wild bears (about two years old, someone reckons) snuffling about in the woods, 100m away.

Fantastic. You don’t get that in Suffolk.

Where have you been? And where do you dream of going, if you find a spare £7,000 in your bank account?

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