Who will you be voting for to represent you on Babergh District Council?

Lavenham in the Babergh district. All 43 council seats are up for re-election on May 7

Lavenham in the Babergh district. All 43 council seats are up for re-election on May 7 - Credit: Archant

Every seat at Babergh District Council will be fought over at the local elections on May 7. See who is standing in each ward here.

Alton (two seats): Harriet Steer (C), Liz Perryman (Lab), Phil Dunnett (Lab), Tony Roberts (LD), David Wood (LD)*, Patrick O’Sullivan (UKIP), Lyndon Ship (G), Giles Ship (G), Alastair McCraw (Ind)

Berners (two seats): Peter Patrick (C), Graham Manuel (Lab), Anne Manuel (Lab), Tony Ingram (LD), Malcolm Harding (LD), Andrew Sterling (G), Jane Gould (G), Derek Davis (Ind)

Boxford: David Talbot Clarke (C), Andrew Hathaway (Lab), Bryn Hurren (LD)*, Felix Reeves Whymark (G)

Brett Vale: Michael Creffield (C), David Hayes (Lab), Colin Widdup (G)

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Brook (two seats): Nick Ridley (C)*, Barry Gasper (C), Keith Wade (Lab), Nikki O’Hagan (G), Caroline Daldry (G), John Whyman (Ind)

Bures St Mary: Lee Parker (C), Liz Dunnett (Lab), Laura Smith (G)

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Chadacre: Elvina Williams (Lab), Joseph Manning (G), James Long (Ind)*

Dodnash (two seats): Stephen Williams (C), John Hinton (C)*, Iain Scott (Lab), Michael Bamford (LD)*, Cavan O’Connell (UKIP), Steven Whalley (UKIP), Miriam Burns (G), Sallie Davies (G)

Glemsford and Stanstead (two seats): Michael Holt (C), Liz Malvisi (C), Flavia Popescu-Richardson (Lab), Graham Manning (G), Richard Skeates (G), Stephen Plumb (Ind), Anne Mallalieu (Ind)

Great Cornard North (two seats): David Stenson (C), Tom Burrows (C), Tony Bavington (Lab)*, Becca Page-Wright (Lab), Colin Wright (LD), Isla Kaye (G), Emily Adams (G)

Great Cornard South (two seats): Mark Newman (C)*, Peter Beer (C)*, Tom Keane (Lab), Mick Cornish (Lab), Nigel Adam (LD), Dean Walton (G), Heather Sainsbury (G)

Hadleigh North (two seats): Christina Campbell (C), Dr Sian Dawson (C), Angela Wiltshire (Lab), Mark Sutcliffe (Lab), Trevor Sheldrick (LD), Reginald Smith (UKIP), Peter Lynn (G), Lisa Gordon (G), Peter Matthews (Ind)

Hadleigh South (two seats): Kathryn Grandon (C)*, Sue Burgoyne (C), Tony Boxford (Lab), Sue Monks (Lab), Phil Neville (LD), Amy Aylett (G), Polly Huggett (G)

Holbrook: Carol Tilbury (Lab), Ralph Carpenter (G), David Rose (Ind)*

Lavenham: William Shropshire (C), Emma Cookson (Lab), Ralph Crawshaw (G), Jack Norman (Ind)

Leavenheath: Jennie Jenkins (C)*, Andrew Jameson (Lab), Oliver Jerrold (G)

Long Melford (two seats): Paul Moreton (C), John Phillips (Lab), Aidan Powlesland (UKIP), John Smith (G), Janet Smith (G) John Nunn (Ind)*, Richard Kemp (Ind)*

Lower Brett: John Ward (C), Susan Hemmings (Lab), Stephen Laing (UKIP), Jon Daldry (G)

Mid Samford (two seats): Fenella Swan (C), Paul Cowell (Lab), Sue Carpendale (LD), Kathy Pollard (LD)*, Tanya Griffiths (G), Raymond Molloy (G)

Nayland: Melanie Barrett (C), Emma Bishton (Lab), James Carver (UKIP), Hayley Brett (G)

North Cosford: Heath Brown (Lab), Sandra Townsend (G), Clive Arthey (Ind)*

Pinewood (two seats): Peter Burgoyne (C)*, David Plowman (Lab), Sue Thomas (Lab), David Busby (LD)*, Lois Hickey (G), Christopher Pearson (G)

South Cosford: Alan Ferguson (C), Annabel Hathaway (Lab), Robert Lindsay (G)*

Sudbury East (two seats): Jan Osborne (C), Adrian Osborne (C)*, Sarah Page (Lab), Jack Owen (Lab)*, Andrew Welsh (LD), Julie Fowles-Smith (G), Arthur Tunley (G)

Sudbury North (two seats): Sue Ayres (C), Ray Smith (C)*, Sandra Stark (Lab), Linda Gregory (Lab), Oliver Forder (LD), Steve May (G), Simon Edge (G)

Sudbury South (two seats): David Holland (C), Simon Barrett (C)*, Luke Cresswell (Lab), Joanne Connah (Lab), Robert Spivey (LD), Tony Platt (LD), Peter St John Howe (UKIP), John Burch (G), Melanie Sainsbury (G), Theodore Bird (Ind)

Waldingfield (two seats): Margaret Maybury (C), Frank Lawrenson (C)*, Alison Owen (Lab), Alan Scott (LD), Leon Stedman (UKIP), Stuart Armstrong (UKIP), Daynore Cameron (G), Jonathan Schofield (G)

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