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Superdad Will Lodge

Superdad Will Lodge - Credit: Archant

Christmas is nearly upon us - and somehow the baubles are still on the tree.

I think we timed Baby just right. She is old enough to be enchanted by our Christmas tree (cue standing, staring and pointing, plus efforts to copy us saying “Christmas treeW) but young enough to not yet try to dismantle it or open all of the presents when our backs are turned.

Hopefully by next Christmas that potentially disruptive phase will have passed.

Speaking of gifts my wife should really be writing this column, she is the Supermum of Christmas.

With four kids, me, plus family presents to organise she does not even break a sweat as her fingers swipe through online shopping in late November.

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We have had a stream of parcels arriving almost daily, and that side of Christmas is sorted.

She even got me online shopping, though with more mixed results.

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Yes I did get most of Christmas sorted - call me old-fashioned but I still like to wander round the shops a bit - but I also got carried away and now Valentine’s Day is organised too!

Christmas shopping can be fun, and it is actually a little easier with Baby in tow. We spent a pleasant morning traipsing around Colchester popping into various stores looking for things for Mummy.

You may wonder how this is easier with 17-month-old in tow. Indeed as her legs tired and I had to carry her around (no buggy for Superdad!) while also holding shopping I had my doubts.

But it feels a lot easier to ask the department store lady for advice on a present (aka getting the right thing) with adorable baby with cute welly boots on than if I was just strange useless husband on his own in the shop.

I also still get a thrill from walking around holding Baby’s hand. I guess it is just showing off, parading, really. But it makes for one proud Daddy!

Looking ahead to the big day itself that is also exciting me - helped along by our boys.

The six-year-old gives us a countdown to Christmas at least twice a day, while the eldest (aged 12) is more delighted to have finished school. Our middle child (eight) is more nonchalant about it.

For me, I am just looking forward to their faces when they open their presents. With Baby we plan to construct toy and cover for the big reveal, as she won’t get what the box is all about.

I’m also excited to see what Father Christmas may bring us. Provided we have made the nice list of course!

As a grown up (supposedly) I must confess to being almost as excited by all the food and time off as by the presents, though I suppose it is a winning combination of both which makes the perfect Christmas, along with spending it with family.

And on that note may I wish a Merry Christmas to you all.

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