Will Lodge: It is First, First and First on the baby podium of life

Our new dad columnist Will Lodge charts the milestones in his and baby’s life.

There are so many milestones for babies to reach during their lifetime, particularly in those first few weeks and months.

There is the first smile, first sounds, and a bit later on first steps.

However it is easy to forget not all of these landmarks are happy occasions.

Mila is now eight weeks old, but an unfortunate consequence to this is she has had her first set of injections.

After having her belly button cauterised at less than a week old it is fair to say she does not hold the best opinion of doctors, but luckily she does not hold a grudge.

Being at work I left my wife to endure the trip to the surgery for those all important jabs and drugs.

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Mila did not take kindly to the sharp needle in her leg but otherwise seemed fairly contented – until the injection site began to hurt and the effects kicked in later on in the day, requiring a lot of cuddles and another first, a dose of medicine.

As the doctor updated baby’s red book with the immunisations she noted her centile charts looked good. For those unfamiliar with the baby lingo, centile charts are a way of recording a baby’s weight and height along with the national average to ensure growth is continual.

Mila is on the 91st centile, meaning she is just over the average and also confirms that, like her daddy, she loves food too.

This week my wife and I put up a cot as our not so little lady has at the ripe old age of two months definitely outgrown her Moses basket.

The cot flew together despite being flat packed – I say despite as my wife usually feels she does not need instructions, often leading to me hearing “Oh, we seem to have extra screws”.

But on this occasion there were no left over bits, and as we placed Mila in her cot she seemed small again.

Not only does Mila keep reaching those all important (and some decidly unimportant) firsts, there are also a series of landmarks for me as a new parent.

As our family has expanded we now need to own at least one vehicle which has more than five seats, and as a result one of our current cars has to go. Mine lost the toss, being a three-door not-so-hot hatchback which is nowhere near as practical as my wife’s five-door car.

So as we say hello to our new bus at some point soon, I will be saying a fond farewell to my first ever car Libby who has seen me through for four years.

It’s like the advert where the guy stands on the driveway saying bye to his sports car while his pregnant wife looks on. Ah well, I’ll look forwards to the fancy fast car when I embark on my midlife crisis.

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