Easton Farm Park to welcome witches and wizards to their Halloween Festival

An actress portraying a rebellious fictional newspaper editors daughter

Students from a well known magical school will be in attendance - Credit: Easton Farm Park

Easton Farm Park is due to welcome a host of magical folk to their Halloween Festival.

A troop of well known witches and wizards are set to join the usual fluffy crew for the celebration of All-hallows Eve from October 23 to 31.

The Maverick venue will also be holding a "deadly disco", and have built a "Scarecrow Maze" for people to explore.

In addition, all the usual activities and animals will still be at the farm, including but not limited to ponies, goats, sheep and rabbits. 

A rabbit at Easton farm park sitting on a pumpkin

The fury friends at Easton farm park will be joining in the magical mayhem -Photo by Ellie Piggott - Credit: Easton Farm Park

Jay Ward, general manager of the farm park tells us that these alumni of a well known wizarding school will be "roaming the park" helping with activities including "broomstick making, pumpkin decorating, and even wand crafting".

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"The guests are semi pro actors, who do a lot of other events and characters. Superheros, princesses... they specialize in Star Wars, though this is the first chance you'll have had to catch them as wizards.

"The initial photos they sent me were so good that I had to call them, just to check they hadn't sent me stills from the films."

An actress portraying a well known witch

Magical heroes and villains will be making an appearance - Credit: Easton Farm Park

An actor portraying a magical headmaster with a pheonix

The performers will be portraying familiar characters - Credit: Easton Farm Park

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Tickets are £11 per person, with under twos getting in for £1.50. The ticket price includes all rides and activities.  Eastons' gates open at 10am, and close at 5pm.

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