Woman's appeal for life-saving donor

A FORMER Suffolk schoolgirl has made a heartfelt appeal for potential donors to come forward and help save her life.

Anthony Bond

A FORMER Suffolk schoolgirl has made a heartfelt appeal for potential donors to come forward and help save her life.

Wendy Adams has been on dialysis for the past six weeks after she was recently told that her kidney was failing her.

It was news that the former Ipswich High School for Girls pupil had been expecting. At the age of 15 she was told she only had one kidney. But despite it still being possible to lead a healthy life, she also had some further complications.

She is now desperately searching for the right person who can help change her life.

The 43-year-old, who used to live in Martlesham but now lives in the Netherlands, said: “I was told years ago by a doctor that my condition was going to end up with renal failure.

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“For the past couple of years when I have been getting blood test results I somehow thought that that is just what they say and it would not happen to me. But about five months ago a doctor told me that I was going to have to go on dialysis soon.”

Because Wendy has O-type blood she can only receive from another person with O-type, further reducing the chance of finding a donor.

But she is convinced that if the right person offered to be a donor, it would not just be her receiving the life-changing benefits.

“Kidney donation in particular is considered a very easy surgery,” she said. “It is the type of thing that if it was going to affect anybody negatively I would not be asking.

“Obviously if somebody donated it would benefit me but I also think it would benefit the donor. I would really hope it would create some kind of connection between us and also make the person feel really good about themselves. I think it would be really nice for the right person.”

Her mother Judith, 70, said she could not think of anything more generous that somebody could do.

“From my point of view I would be at a loss for gratitude,” she said. “Knowing that you have done such a wonderful and altruistic thing as save somebody's life must be a great feeling.”

Despite everything that she has gone through and faces in the future, Wendy remains optimistic.

“It is really true that having something like this makes you feel so much more appreciative of everything and I am a really happy person in general. I can say that I am in a much better frame of mind than I was before. It really does make you feel so extraordinary thankful for everything.”

If anyone is interested in being a donor all travel expenses together with salary reimbursements will be covered by Wendy's insurance. For more information or to offer yourself as a donor email Wendy at adams.wendy.l@gmail.com