Woodbridge drink-driver could lose her job

Drink-driver in court

Drink-driver in court - Credit: PA

A Woodbridge drink-driver is likely to lose their job after she was stopped by police when more than twice the legal alcohol limit.

Tina Seeley, of Brook Street, Woodbridge pleaded guilty before South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court to driving with excess alcohol.

The 46-year-old administrative assistant was caught driving a Peugeot 207 in Ipswich Road, Woodbridge, when she had 184 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. The legal limit is 80mlgs.

The incident occurred 2.45am.

Prosecutor Corrinne Gook-Hurren said a police officer noticed Seeley driving without lights in Ipswich Road.

Seeley’s Peugeot was stopped and she was given a roadside breath test which indicated a positive reading.

Ms Gook-Hurren told the court two further breath tests were subsequently carried out but there was a disparity in the readings.

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Therefore, Seeley was offered the opportunity of taking a blood test.

Dino Barricella, representing a tearful Seeley, said his client had held a driving licence for 30 years and had never even had a speeding ticket.

He added: “She is very disappointed at being here. She’s disappointed with herself. This is totally out of character.

“She full accepts she drank on the day. She made a foolish mistake that was uncharacteristic. There is going to be a detrimental impact on her in that she is likely to lose her job.”

The court heard Seeley has suffered a number of difficulties in her life of late which may have contributed to her decision.

Sentencing Seeley District Judge Celia Dawson said she took into account her personal difficulties and that Seeley had done something foolish which had led to “horrendous” consequences for her.

Seeley was disqualified from driving for 16 months and ordered to pay a total of £455 in court charges and a fine.

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