Woodbridge: Rendlesham UFO witnesses meet on anniversary

AN EXPECTANT crowd huddled into Woodbridge Community Hall last night to be part of the latest chapter in a 30-year saga of unexplained intrigue.

Scores of people, from the curious to the sceptical, turned out for the anniversary of an event which remains rooted in UFO folklore.

The Rendlesham Incident, as it has become known, was again the subject of discussion for top experts, commentators and first-hand witnesses to an anomaly as yet unexplained but perennially debated.

Enthusiastic truth-seekers Gordon Goodger and David Wright reunited USAF security police officers John Burroughs and Jim Penniston – two of the airman who first saw the unexplained lights – along with internationally renowned experts on the subject, Peter Robbins and Linda Moulton, and Nick Pope – the man who once ran the British government’s UFO project.

Also present was Larry Warren, a former USAF airman from the Woodbridge base who said he witnessed the incident and wrote extensively on the subject. Last night he told the EADT: “I never imagined 30 years ago that two people, let alone this many, would be interested in this. But this is ‘the one’.

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“We’re all here to once again tell people the truth about what happened but we also know there is information that has yet to be disclosed.”

Mr Burroughs and Mr Penniston were patrolling the East Gate at RAF Woodbridge when they saw lights in the forest. What they witnessed has since been the topic of countless books, essays, television documentaries and speculation by conspiracy theorists.

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Mr Burroughs was back in the UK for the first time since serving in the forces. He said: “This is the most educated crowd of people we have seen together at one time. They have come from all over and seem to know as much about what happened as we do.”

Mr Penniston added: “It’s wonderful to have so many people here. But this isn’t about us getting recognition - it’s about something much bigger. This is about the truth.”

The audience were given an insight into the entire timeline of events which took place in late December 1980. The gathered experts produced documents, audio and video files and what they conclude is physical evidence of a UFO landing in the Suffolk countryside.

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