Four new exhibitions planned for Tide Mill as re-opening plans revealed

The Tide Mill museum in Woodbridge Picture: RACHEL EDGE

Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum will open in May - Credit: RACHEL EDGE

Woodbridge's historic Tide Mill Museum is set to open in May with four new exhibitions planned for the year. 

The Tide Mill will be re-opening its doors on May 17 with limits on visitor numbers and pre-booking still required under restrictions. It's hoped these restrictions will be removed by June 21. 

The first new exhibition will highlight the work of the craftsmen that built and maintained the Tide Mill.

The next exhibition will look at Jean Gardner who rescued the Tide Mill in 1968 and will put it into temporal context.

A bushels and balances exhibit will consist of the newly interpreted bushels, the French Platform Scales, the large Mill balance scales and the newly acquired chondrometer, which measures the raw density of grain.  

The Staff of Life exhibit will highlight how essential the supply of affordable and unadulterated flour was to every family, especially the poorer ones.

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