Woodbridge: UFO experts and witnesses aim to unearth ‘truth’

Sceptics, believers and inquisitive minds are being given another chance to hear leading experts, researchers and ufologists discuss the infamous Rendlesham Forest incident.

Last December, Woodbridge Community Hall was filled to capacity for the 30th anniversary Rendlesham Forest UFO conference – and this Saturday organisers want witnesses to share their tales of unexplained sightings.

Guest speakers on the night are set to include Brenda Butler, coauthor of Skycrash, and an authority on the notorious incident of late December 1980, often described as Britain’s Roswell.

Former US airman Larry Warren will return with his account of events on the third night of the sightings, and space travel expert David Bryant is due to talk about UFOs and the Apollo shuttle missions.

John Hanson, a former CID officer and author of several books on the subject, will offer his thoughts, along with Matt Lyons, chairman of the British UFO Research Association.

The event is scheduled for 6pm to 11pm on Saturday, at Woodbridge Community Hall.

UFO witnesses will also be able to place their sightings on a map and talk to UFO investigators in confidence.

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Tickets are �10 and profits will be donated to the RSPCA in Martlesham. For tickets and information about the event call 01473 423143 or 07811 021230, or e-mail info@spaceportuk.com

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