Care home staff 'devastated' after Christmas lights display destroyed

Stowmarket, care home, Christmas decorations

Staff at the Woodfield Court care home in Stowmarket spent hours putting up the Christmas lights display before it was destroyed by vandals. - Credit: Dawn Monks

Care workers who spent hours creating a stunning Christmas lights display at a Stowmarket residential home have been left heartbroken after the decorations were destroyed in what is believed to be vandalism.

Dawn Monks, who has been the manager at Woodfield Court care home for eight years, put the lights up on Saturday evening with special help from a colleague, who had come in during her holiday just to get the job done.

Mrs Monks - who has worked at the home for a total of 25 years - then came back on Sunday to decorate the grotto, which the home had been preparing for families to use during Christmas time.

Stowmarket, care home, Christmas lights

Dawn Monks has been a manager at the Woodfield Court care home for eight years and was moved to tears by the destruction of their Christmas lights display. - Credit: Dawn Monks

When the 56-year-old arrived, the lights had been pulled down from the front of the building.

Without any wind, it is believed the damage was caused by vandals.

"We had put the lights up as part of an effort from the whole street to have decorations during the Christmas carols which had been planned.

"It took half a day to get them all up and it looked really lovely, so I was devastated when I saw they had come down as we worked really hard and don't really have time for something like this. 

care home, Christmas, Stowmarket, vandalism

The lights were put up outside the Woodfield Court care home on Saturday, but by Sunday they had been pulled down. - Credit: Dawn Monks

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"We used our own time to get them up there and it's something which brought our residents great joy during this Christmas.

"We've just been deflated by this simple act, it's just so rotten."

Husband John Monks said she had come home in tears when she saw her and the team's hard work had been destroyed.

He said: "She has worked tirelessly in the face of incredible stress and hardship throughout the pandemic to try and bring a little festive joy to those in her care, only for some charming individuals to wreck it all.

"After dealing with all the pandemic throws at her and her team and keeping her residents safe and free of Covid, to have this done is just about the last straw for her.

"You really do have to question what goes through the minds of these individuals.

"I hope they’re proud of themselves, now those residents and any Christmas visitors they may have will wonder if it’s Christmas at all."