Woolpit: Chance to discuss taboo subject in ‘Death Caf�’

DEATH is one of the hardest subjects to broach.

That is why Nigel George, who is known in the Woolpit area as the “cycling solicitor,” has decided to launch the first Death Caf� in Suffolk.

It is an initiative to help people share their feelings about death – as well as their hopes for their life –in a relaxed and safe environment.

The first Death Caf� evening is taking place on Wednesday, October 24, in the village institute at Woolpit from 7pm to 9pm.

Woolpit resident Mr George, who visits local clients on his bike, said: “Despite the fact that we have to cope with the deaths of many of those close to us throughout our lives – and live with the knowledge that one day it will be our turn – death is still one our great taboos and we just don’t talk about it.

“The fact is that sharing our experiences, our hopes and our fears can be both therapeutic and liberating.

“Recognising that our lives our finite can also help us focus on living positively and achieving as much as we possibly can while we’re here.”

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Mr George, who is a father to twin daughters, explained how the concept of Death Caf�s was launched by a Swiss sociologist and has already taken off in the USA.

The idea first came to the UK last year and the caf�s have taken place in a range of locations from a yurt to people’s homes.

Mr George, 52, who deals with wills and probate through his work as a solicitor, said he decided to bring the first Death Caf� to Suffolk after reading an article about the concept in a national newspaper a few weeks ago.

Despite it focusing on death, he said the idea behind it is it should be “uplifting” as it was all about celebrating life.

There will be cake and refreshments during the evening on October 24.

Mr George, of George and Co, said: “I think it will attract a range of people. There will be various people there. I have got a couple of people coming along from a local hospice.

“There will be ordinary members of the public who may well have suffered a recent bereavement or who may themselves have a terminal illness.”

It is to be a “respectful and confidential” space where people can express their views freely and listen to those of others.

It is free to attend, but people are asked to provide donations towards refreshments and cakes.

For more information contact Mr George on 01449 737582 or e-mail ng@georgeandco.co.uk

For more information about Death Caf�s visit www.deathcafe.com