World Cup blog: Amazing picture from South Africa

LESS than a week to go now before the big trip to SA – and the Suffolk tour party, in common with our beloved England team, is in full training mode.

For the England team it is light training, under Fabio’s icy glare.

For us, the Suffolk Three Lions warriors, it is preparation for some Rustenburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth capers, under my less-than-controlling stare.

Our training is for gatherings at bars, watching football, eating fine food, meeting up with friends and, generally, enjoying the World Cup “crack.”

And to get you in the mood, check out the amazing picture in my blog - we may think we get carried away with car flags but, trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet!

You may also want to watch:

- To read Nigel’s blog, follow the link to the right of this text.

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