Wormingford: Walking well-marked ways

Things to see in and around Wormingford

Things to see in and around Wormingford - Credit: Archant

Lotte Sherman is rewarded with stunning views when she follows a route with a few challenges

Route of the Wormingford walk

Route of the Wormingford walk - Credit: Archant

This walk can be a bit of a challenge in respect of gradients, stiles and abundant growth, but easily makes up for it with variety and a 360 degrees view from the ridge between the rivers Stour and Colne. You may see small aircraft taking off as you pass the Bures Airfield or water fowl testing the ponds around Wormingford Hall.

Commence your journey from the B1508 opposite the bus stop by following the footpath leading south and ending on Fordham Road. Here cross over to the path going towards the airfield, (1) where a number of covered crafts are stored in the open or appear ready for take-off. Turn right on reaching the wide perimeter track and soon right again to take the path returning north to arrive at Wormingford Hall.

When reaching a small wood follow the waymark pointing straight ahead through it, passing the right side of a secluded pond. You emerge facing a rather overgrown, sloping area; locate the gate and waymarks which indicate the public right of way around the large estate, through a couple of gates and a small private garden.

Exit by the garden gate and proceed left, walking downhill on the tree-lined avenue to The Lodge. On ‘Sandy Hill’ turn left as far as the sharp bend; take care crossing this road to the wide gate and track leading uphill between fields. At the very top of the hillock, a number of paths cross and converge; you need to search for the discs on posts indicating the Stour Valley Path (SVP). Keep following these markers for approximately 1/2km in an easterly direction, after passing through the gate in the far left corner of the grazing area. This stretch of the long-distance path meanders up and down, through a small wood and through the churchyard of St. Andrews Parish Church. (2)

Pause a while in this peaceful setting, before continuing on the marked path. Ignore the turn-offs until you reach the sharp bend in Garnons Chase, where you leave the SVP. You need to walk to your right on the Chase, while keeping a lookout for the narrow path sloping down on the right between a fence and a wood. The public right of way continues across a meadow and out onto a lane through an almost hidden gate ahead. A fingerpost on the opposite side of the lane indicates a short approach to a path junction; proceed from here to the left and soon you will exit onto the B1508 -your starting point and The Crown (3) lie less than 1/2km to the right.