Tree shows village has Christmas spirit

Tree made of green beer and wine bottles

Bottles used to make a Christmas tree in Wrabness - Credit: Richard Goss

While the rest of us are taking down our Christmas decorations ahead of the Twelfth Night and looking for ways to recycle our tress these villagers will simply be taking theirs to the bottle bank.

Villagers living in Wrabness, near Harwich, have used their empty beer and wine bottles to create a Christmas tree - entitled 'The Spirit of Xmas'.

The creation has been on display over the festive season and sight seers have been asked for a donation for charity.

One villager said: ”It’s our version of the spirit of Christmas – only with wine and beer.” 

And now it is time to take the decorations down, they can simply pop theirs to the local bottle bank and recycle the empties.

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