Wright to appeal conviction in February

JAILED serial killer Steve Wright will appeal against his conviction in February for the murders of five women, it has been revealed.

Anthony Bond

JAILED serial killer Steve Wright will appeal against his conviction in February for the murders of five women, it has been revealed.

Wright, 50, will appear in an open court before judges at The Royal Courts of Justice in a bid to win a re-trial against his life sentence.

A letter from the court, which has been seen by this paper, confirms the appeal will take place at some point during the week of February 23.

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This means that Wright could come face-to-face with the victims' families almost a year to the day since he was found guilty at Ipswich Crown Court.

Last nightfamilies of the murdered women hit out at the appeal.

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Brian Clennell, father of 24-year-old Paula, said: “I am just disgusted that he has got the front to appeal. He should rot in hell. He was found guilty and there is no doubting the matter. What has he got to appeal against? I am angry and this will cost the country money. The man should have no rights at all.

“I just think it brings everything back for the victims' families and it is disgusting. I feel for every single parent that has gone through this.”

Tania Nicol's mother Kerry said she does not believe Wright should be allowed to appeal.

“If I had my way he would not be allowed to do it because we would have the death penalty for people like him,” she said.

Wright's grounds for appeal are that he received an unfair trial and was convicted on a lack of credible evidence. One new witness statement will also be presented at the court hearing by Wright's legal team.

His brother David, who lives near Bury St Edmunds, said he is confident of a re-trial: “Steve did not get a fair trial. Ipswich and Suffolk are tight communities and for a massive crime to be committed within that area and then with the massive public worldwide interest, it is not fair to take the jury from within that community. Nobody in their right mind can say hand on heart that the jury were not influenced in some way.

“Everybody is entitled to a fair trial and at the end of the day he did not get that. We have got a good case and if he gets a re-trial there is not a doubt in my mind that he will get found not guilty.”

David added: “Steve is happy at the moment and just hanging on to the hope that one day this nightmare will be over.”

Forklift truck driver Wright, who lived at London Road, Ipswich, was jailed for life in February after being found guilty of murdering Gemma Adams, 25, Tania Nicol, 19, Anneli Alderton, 24, Paula Clennell, 24, and Annette Nicholls, 29.

He strangled or suffocated his victims and their naked bodies were found in isolated spots near Ipswich in a horrifying 10-day spell in December 2006. He was refused leave to appeal in July.

In a letter to this paper in August, Wright said: “I just know in my heart that one day my innocence will be proved and I will be able to go home to try and rebuild my life, wherever that home may be.”

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