Nine metre yacht was 'taking on water' after it crashed into jack-up rig

The Southwold Harbour repairs aim to make it safer for boats using it. Picture: NICK BUTCHER

A large yacht crashed into a jack-up rig near Southwold harbour - Credit: Nick Butcher

A large yacht has been recovered after crashing into a jack-up rig off the Southwold coast. 

The Southwold RNLI volunteer crew launched to the sailing yacht that was in difficulty after it crashed into the jack-up rig towards the entrance of Southwold Harbour just before 10am today. 

On arrival, crews found the yacht, which measured up to nine metres in length,  firmly pressed against one of the rig's legs and was starting to take on water. 

After a full assessment by the crew, it was decided that undertaking a tow was necessary to recover the yacht and the safest way to assist the casualties.

After the yacht was pulled clear of the rig it was towed back into the harbour and both casualties were unharmed.

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