What’s putting our youngsters off the full English breakfast?

Why do young people turn their noses up at a full English breakfast? Not the black pudding, surely?

Why do young people turn their noses up at a full English breakfast? Not the black pudding, surely? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mark Murphy was shocked to discover that 1 in 5 young Brits have never had a full English. What is holding them back?

I wonder if you can guess what the most popular topic was on my BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast show phone-in this week.

Well it wasn't the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the crisis meeting at Sandringham nor was it the proposed 53% increase in councillor's allowances at East Suffolk Council. Both of which got the phone lines buzzing.

It wasn't the proposed hike in car park charges from West Suffolk council, although that was pretty lively as was should Big Ben bong for Brexit!

The Orwell bridge closing twice in as many days got the lines ringing with questions like "Why does it close more these days? "And "Why can't it just be lorries that are banned when it's windy?"

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Other callers wanted a tunnel built alongside it and others including two of our Conservative MPs wanted to know when the long awaited report into bridge closures was going to be released by Highways England. It also reinforced calls for a northern route for Ipswich which both the aforementioned MPs Dan Poulter and Therese Coffey were firmly against. One caller told me his business was relocating out of Ipswich because of the problems when the Orwell Bridge closes.

The story though that got more reaction than any other was the news that 1 in 5 young Brits have never tried a full English breakfast! We were swamped with calls from listeners saying these young people don't know what they're missing. Have they never stayed in a hotel? A full English breakfast just has to be done, especially if it comes in the price.

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I asked my listeners where the best place to have a full English was in Suffolk.

If I'm honest I expected a few suggestions but we literally got hundreds and they're still coming. We had calls from all over Suffolk and beyond, so it seems this breakfast staple is alive and well here.

We debated what constitutes a full English. We decided it had to have a sausage, bacon, egg, beans or tomatoes, fried bread and brown sauce. Anything else like mushrooms and hash browns are bonus.

The most contentious item was black pudding, now personally I love it but according to this report it was a turn off for 27% of young people and unbelievably 24% were put off by bacon. That's staggering, I even know some vegetarians who are tempted by the smell of bacon, especially on a camp site.

I think black pudding has a bad press, when it's cooked properly it's wonderful but if its cooked and left under one of those heat lamps to dry out, it's like rubber.

My friends came over from the USA a few years ago and we took them for a full English breakfast at one of our local restaurants.

Their daughter tucked into it with great gusto until it came to the black pudding, she'd never seen it before. She asked me what it was and I told her it was made of blood, she politely pushed it to the other side of her plate. The look on her face was priceless!

Later that day we were driving through the Suffolk countryside and she commented on the lovely pink colour on our cottages. I then explained how years ago pig's blood was used to help get the colour, her face was a picture! I'm sure she went back to the US telling her friends what a weird lot we were eating blood and painting our houses with it!

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