Young woman found dead in Leiston home following ‘altercation’ - inquest told

Main Street,Leiston

Main Street,Leiston - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A 24-year-old woman died from a methadone overdose following an altercation in her home, an inquest has heard.

Hollie Holmes’ body was found by police officers in her flat in Main Street, Leiston on September 2 last year.

The inquest, held at IP-City Centre in Ipswich yesterday, heard that Miss Holmes had “gone through many difficulties in her life”, suffered from anxiety and depression and was taking methadone for a previous heroin addiction.

Two days before her death, the inquest was told that there had been a confrontation in her flat, which left people injured.

Her partner, Adrian Wilson, who she shared the flat with along with one other person, was taken to Ipswich Hospital by ambulance.

Miss Holmes, who was born in Slough, Berkshire, was not believed to be injured but went with Mr Wilson to hospital.

When the pair returned the next day, officers were conducting investigations in the flat.

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The inquest heard that Mr Wilson was still unwell so he returned to hospital that day, and Miss Holmes shared concerns with officers over their safety at the flat.

The officer offered to install a panic alarm at the flat, which Miss Holmes “gratefully” accepted.

When he left the premises, the officer made sure Miss Holmes bolted both the front and back door, and said he would return later with some batteries for the alarm.

The inquest was told that when he came back, both doors were still bolted and the curtains had not been drawn, but Miss Holmes did not answer.

The officer arranged for a PSCO to check on her later that evening, but he too did not get a response.

On the day of Miss Holmes’ death, Mr Wilson reported concern to the police after he returned to the flat from hospital but couldn’t get hold of Miss Holmes.

The inquest was told that Mr Wilson knew something was wrong because he could see Miss Holmes’ dog in the flat through the window, and that she wouldn’t leave it alone for a long period of time. Officers forced entry into the flat and Miss Holmes was found dead.

In a statement read by Coroner Dr Peter Dean, Miss Holmes’ parents said: “Holly has gone through many difficulties in her life but she has always been a very intelligent, happy and caring person.

“She was a good friend to many and will be missed by many people.”

Dr Dean added: “They do not believe she would have taken her own life and they do not believe she intended to harm herself.”

Concluding the inquest, Dr Dean said Miss Holmes died from “complications following methadone use”.

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