Youngster finds suspected bomb in forest

HE had just been to watch the new Indiana Jones film for his seventh birthday when James Errington had an adventure of his own.

John Howard

HE had just been to watch the new Indiana Jones film for his seventh birthday when James Errington had an adventure of his own.

The youngster went out cycling with his father in Tunstall Forest, near Woodbridge, when he discovered a suspected Second World War bomb.

Keen for more excitement after enjoying the hit movie, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, James's day got even more dramatic when he found the explosive device, which led to the bomb squad being called out.

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“We had gone out for a bike ride around Tunstall Forest,” said his father, Carl Errington, 36, from Kesgrave.

“James went across something quite hard and stopped. It had been raining and when I looked at it I thought it was an old artillery shell.

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“I dug around it and picked it up and a big lump of dirt fell off and I saw numbers all around the top so put it down again quickly, really pretty sharpish!

“It was about 16 inches long and looked like it was from World War II. It was a bit of a hairy moment and I phoned the police at Woodbridge.

“But my son was excited and wanted to take it home and sell it on eBay. We were fortunate James was ok. He had wanted some adventure after watching Indiana Jones' latest film!”

James added: “I just went over it on my bike and thought it was a tree stump.

“I was really surprised by what we found, it was quite exciting, and I have told my friends at school. I was not frightened at all.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police said: “Mr Errington and his son found what they thought was an old bomb, it was rusty shell with a brass top that was covered in mud and moss.

“It was about 16 inches long, by about three inches wide, without any fins and we contacted bomb disposal.

“It was quite an awkward location to get to but they managed to remove the item. Mr Errington and his son did exactly the right thing alerting the police.”

The bomb squad were called to the scene after the discovery on May 30 and removed the object for safe disposal, although no-one was available yesterday to confirm exactly what it was or whether it was live or not.

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