Youngster recovering after fall horror

A SEVEN-year-old is lucky to be alive after surviving a horrendous 15ft fall down the stairs in her family home.

A SEVEN-year-old is lucky to be alive after surviving a horrendous 15ft fall down the stairs in her family home.

The parents of Tallulah Jary, of Blundeston, near Lowestoft, feared the worst when they found their daughter limp and not breathing at the bottom of the stairs.

Now less than two weeks later she is recovering at home after suffering severe concussion and bruising during the fall.

Her father Matt Jary said that he and wife Michaela had friends round their house on Sunday January 25 and the young children were playing upstairs on the gallery landing when Tallulah fell.

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Mr Jary said: “Tallulah, unbelievably, decided to climb around the stair banisters on our landing and she fell 15ft down the stairwell, landing on her head on the bottom step.

“After her playmate Jude alerted us, we found her a minute later, limp, blue, not breathing and, to our eyes, dead. Thankfully, she wasn't, and now over a week later she is recovering well and she's on the mend on the sofa at home.”

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He said: “We found her all huddled up on the bottom step almost looking like she was embarrassed for falling. My wife pulled her to her, but her eyes flickered and she just flopped backwards with blood coming out of her ear. The worst fears hit us initially that she was dead.”

An ambulance and six paramedics were soon on the scene and the Blundeston Primary School pupil was put on to a spinal board and taken to the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston.

Mr and Mrs Jary have this week thanked the hospital staff. “The level of care was just awesome. Her scans were not only checked by radiology, paediatric and ICU consultants at the Paget, but they were also wired through to Addenbrooks hospital's expert paediatric neurologists immediately,” they said.

Mr Jary added: “We never considered the banisters at home to be a problem until Tallulah has fallen 15ft, but we're keen to stress that people take care. The banisters are boarded up now with clear Perspex sheets to stop the kids climbing around.”

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