Your reaction: Readers take to Facebook to pay tribute to Iron Lady Baroness Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher in February 1975 arriving at the London home of Edward Heath

Margaret Thatcher in February 1975 arriving at the London home of Edward Heath

SHOCKED and saddened by the news of Baroness Thatcher’s death, fans of our Facebook page have shared their thoughts on the Iron Lady.

Ann Marshallsay, head of kitchen at Howard Middle School in Bury St Edmunds, said: “Rest in peace Lady Thatcher, and prayers for the family x.”

Meanwhile, Kirsty Pollintine added: “Thoughts with the family.”

And the owner of Rose Calendars added: “Sad news, she was a legend.”

Jamie Verso Versey added: “Oh how this country needs someone like Maggie once more. Her politics and policies may not have endeared everyone but at least she had balls (metaphorically speaking).

Agreeing, Steve Carter: “Here, here Mr Versey at least she had the balls to stand up for what she believed in. RIP Maggie you could teach all politicians in any spectrum how to behave.”

Mrs Thatcher was one of the most controversial politicians of the past 50 years, and some comments reflected this.

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However, in response, Julie Stammers, a former student at Westbourne High School, said: “If people didn’t like her no need to post anything. I for one liked her she was a truly remarkable hard working woman who fought for what she believed in she had guts more than so called MPs today. RIP Maggie x.”

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