Yoxford: Flagship pledges to complete Meadowlands play area ‘as soon as possible’

The stoney soil at Meadowlands play area

The stoney soil at Meadowlands play area - Credit: Archant

A housing association has been accused of “cutting corners” by leaving an uncompleted play area in east Suffolk in a dangerous condition.

People living in Yoxford have called on Flagship Housing to finish the play area in Meadowlands Close – more than four years after it agreed to build it as part of a development for new homes nearby.

Pat Wallace, a former parish councillor, said the play area had been plagued with difficulties from the outset – with the issue frequently arising during council meetings.

He has highlighted lumps of concrete, which he says have been left over from the park’s construction, as a potential health hazard in need of urgent attention.

“If a kid fell over and banged their head on the edge of it, they would do themselves some serious damage,” he said. “There’s about three trees missing that have not been planted, the fence keeps coming apart and the door doesn’t close so dogs can get in and do their business.

“It’s not good enough. They have cut corners the whole way through, and it needs sorting once and for all.”

Flagship’s development manager Andrew Sweeney has offered his reassurance to residents that the association was working with its contractors to ensure the final works are completed “as soon as possible”.

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“Unfortunately the completion of works, including the re-seeding of grass and the planting of a new tree, has had to be delayed until weather conditions are suitable,” he added. “We now expect these to be carried out during the autumn season. A stone pick of the area for any large stones which have recently become exposed will also take place.

“Once complete, we will be meeting with Yoxford Parish Council to ensure members are satisfied with this work.”

Mr Wallace, however, has questioned whether a stone pick will resolve the problem and suggests a complete relaying of the soil may be required.

“Whenever it rains the stones are going to come to the top because the soil they’ve used is the cheapest of the cheap,” he said. “They can pick them out for as long as they like but it’s never going to resolve the problem.”

Yoxford Parish Council has held several meetings with Flagship about the condition of the play area, in which concerns were raised over fencing, bins, and the positioning of equipment.

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