Yoxford: Satis House hoteliers to feature on Channel 4’s ‘Four in a Bed’ programme

A SUFFOLK hotel is set to feature in a hit reality television show later this month.

Yoxford’s Satis House will appear on Channel 4 programme Four in a Bed, which invites hotel and B&B owners to stay with each other and pay what they deem fair.

Kevin Wainwright and David Little were put up for the night by three other contestants from around the UK, before taking their turn to do the entertaining.

The pair have been in charge of the 18th Century Grade II-listed country house for the last five years, and have received a handful of awards for their hospitality and British cuisine.

Mr Wainwright said: “We had received e-mails from the production company on several occasions in the past but resisted the invitation to take part.

“Although we have been busy, the last year has been tough and we decided the show was a way of getting our name out there.

“After an interview over the phone, the makers came and made a demo for Channel 4, who got in touch to say they’d love to have us on board.”

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The Satis House owners stayed in floating Beatles-themed accommodation in Liverpool, hosted by former soap star Philip Olivier, and B&Bs in Cornwall and Devon.

Though obliged not to reveal the outcome of their experience, Mr Wainwright confessed “it wasn’t without incident. The production team are with you all the time, so nothing goes unfilmed”.

Last summer, Felixstowe’s Castle Lodge Hotel also featured on the show.

The first show to feature Satis House goes out at 5pm on Monday. Mr Wainwright and Mr Little’s turn to host is broadcast at the same time on Thursday 17.

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